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Forest, Environment and Climate Change Department Government of Odisha


Vision & Mission

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Vision & Mission


The Forest, Environment and Climate Change Department is actively engaged in the conservation and development of Biodiversity and Ecosystems in the State. The department is mandated to manage, conserve and protect forest and wildlife resources in the State through afforestation and regeneration of degraded forest lands, forest protection as well as socio-economic up-lift ment of people in the forest fringe areas and sustainable management of forests and wildlife.


  • Forest planning and operations are sustainable and balance environmental services, local use, and commercial extraction. 
  • Environmental services from forests are recognized and protected. 
  • Local subsistence and forest-based livelihood use have the first charge on forests, especially in scheduled areas based on strong incentives for local participation. Customary rights and usage are protected. 
  • Operations and procedures are simple, transparent and effective. 
  • Regulatory burdens and transaction costs are low. 


  • Administration and Governance of the flora and fauna of Odisha.
  • Improve Forest Extent and Condition.
  • Sustainable Forest Management.
  • Non-Timber Forest Products Promotion.
  • Wood Energy, Industrial Wood, and Timber Demand Management.
  • Value Addition to Forest Produce & Forest-Based Enterprises.
  • Biodiversity Conservation.
  • Green Forest Finance and Investment.
  • Incentives for Protecting and Enhancing the Supply of Environmental Services.